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FHR Navigator

Automating Federal Human Resources Management

FHR Navigator offers Federal Human Resources offices and their customers a comprehensive, integrated tool covering all areas of Human Resource Management.

FHR Navigator Screenshot: Home

Start the Federal Hiring process with the Recruitment Request Module

Create, route, and approve requests; all documents needed for recruitment are included.

FHR Navigator Screenshot: Recruitment Request Module

PD+ Library

The PD+ Classification Module includes the PD+ Library. Users can search the Library for Standard and Individual positions; it allows searching by Series, Title, and even PD Text.

FHR Navigator Screenshot: PD+ Library

PD+ Position Classification

The PD+ Classification Module provides a one-stop location for all position documentation, including those documents needed for Hiring.

FHR Navigator Screenshot: PD+ Position Classification

PD+ Position Description

The Position Description displays a simple yet robust Rich Text Editor; The user can open an existing document and then copy, paste, format text and perform a spell check.

FHR Navigator Screenshot: PD+ Position Description

PD+ KSA/Question Search Results

PD+ includes a KSA/Question Library that provides content for creating the Job Analysis and Applicant Questionnaire used in the Federal Hiring Module.

FHR Navigator Screenshot: PD+ KSA/Question Search Results

PD+ Applicant Questionnaire

The Applicant Questionnaire gives the HR user a preview of the questions for applicants; the HR user can change question order here.

FHR Navigator Screenshot: PD+ Applicant Questionnaire

Create Vacancy Announcement

HR users create their announcements by selecting one of the vacancy templates. Agencies can set up an unlimited number of templates.

FHR Navigator Screenshot: Create Vacancy Announcement

Vacancy Announcement Overview

The Vacancy Overview page allows the HR user to Preview the Announcement and Post it to USAJOBS. The page also includes a link to the GS and Wage pay tables.

FHR Navigator Screenshot: Vacancy Announcement Overview

USAJOBS Integration

FHR Navigator is fully integrated with USAJOBS, including posting jobs, receiving applications and attachments, and updating the Application Status.

FHR Navigator Screenshot: USAJOBS Integration

Vacancy Announcement List

HR users can track the number of applicants that have applied; the “# Apps� column is a hot link that takes the user to the list of applicants.

FHR Navigator Screenshot: Vacancy Announcement List

Applicants List

On the Applicants List, HR Users view applications and attachments; send status updates to applicants; and can filter the list of applicants by grade, location and eligibility.

FHR Navigator Screenshot: Applicants List

Selection Certificate

HR users can create selection certificates for Delegated Examining, Merit Promotion and other hiring authorities; HR can forward these to the hiring manager via Case Tracking.

FHR Navigator Screenshot: Selection Certificate

Initiate On-boarding

Once an applicant is selected, the HR Specialist can initiate On-boarding; this will move the selectee’s data into the On-boarding Module.

FHR Navigator Screenshot: Initiate On-boarding

Add New On-boarding Information

Applicant data that was received via USAJOBS in the Federal Hiring Module is automatically imported into the On-boarding Module.

FHR Navigator Screenshot: Add New On-boarding Information

On-boarding Form Selection

The On-boarding Module guides the HR user to select only those forms that are required for the specific appointment type; the user can also search for and select additional forms.

FHR Navigator Screenshot: On-boarding Form Selection

On-boarding E-mails

HR users can send e-mails to the selectee as well as to others who may need to know about a new employee – such as the IT Office or Support Services.

FHR Navigator Screenshot: On-boarding E-mails

Employee Benefits Center

Once hired, the new employee has access to the Employee Benefits Center; employees can create and submit benefits forms for various events; they also have access to the Retirement Planner.

FHR Navigator Screenshot: Employee Benefits Center

Employee Forms

Employee forms include those for changes in Health and Life Insurance, Beneficiary Designations and the Leave Donor program; Agency-specific forms can be created upon request.

FHR Navigator Screenshot: Employee Forms

Case Tracking Tool

The Case Tracking tool allows users to route HR forms for approvals and send e-mails; the tool is available throughout the system and can be configured to include various details/steps.

FHR Navigator Screenshot: Case Tracking Tool

Retirement Planner

The Retirement Planner gives employees the tools to generate retirement estimates and lets them create various scenarios to project retirement income.

FHR Navigator Screenshot: Retirement Planner

Retirement Planner Results

The Retirement Planner estimates the probability that an employee will reach his/her retirement goal; employees can then adjust their personal savings or TSP contributions.

FHR Navigator Screenshot: Retirement Planner Results